Install an Invisible Dog Fence

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You want your home to be comfortable for your dog and convenient for you. You should install a dog door in your home to allow your dog in and out of your home without requiring you to let him or her in and out.

You should also install a fence around your property to ensure the dog does not leave the safety of your yard. You can either install a wood fence or chain link fence. Otherwise, there is a more modern option. You can install an invisible dog fence.

An invisible dog fence is a series of wires underground that surround the boundary lines of your home. The wires emit a small current to a device on your dog’s collar the creates a minor shock.

The intent of this system is that after one or two shocks, your dog will learn not to attempt to cross the invisible fence and the boundary lines.


You should map out the boundary lines for your invisible dog fence. You need to call 811 and your local utility providers to ensure that you can dig along the boundary lines you map out in your yard. Once you know where you will bury the wires in the yard, you can start the process.

You will need to dig a trench along the boundary lines. The trench doesn’t need to be more than 1-in or 6-inches deep. You just need to dig the shovel into the ground once and then tamper the wire into the soil. Just be careful not to cut or damage the wire in the process of burying it underground.

Once the wire is sufficiently buried, cover the trend with dirt and soil and move on to the next section of the boundary line. Continue this process until a wire is buried around the perimeter of your home.

You should mark the boundary line with a red flag ever 2-3 feet. The flags will provide visual representation of the invisible fence for your dog so he or she can learn how far they can roam throughout the yard.

You should be able to remove the flags from the yard after a few weeks as your dog will learn not to cross the lines fairly quickly. You now have a fence that is easy to maintain and protect your pet for many years.

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