How to Install Interior Doors

interior doors

Your wood doors in your home receive a lot of use over time and eventually need to be replaced for both function and appearance. The good news is that it is a very easy home repair to install interior doors.

You will either need to purchase a pre-hung door if the door frame is damaged or a slab or blank door if the door frame is intact. There are many types of interior doors to choose from. Purchase one that best fits the style of your home.

If you need to purchase a pre-hung door be sure to purchase one with the correct swing. Open the door and stand with your back to the hinges. If the doorknob is on the left side, you will need a left-handed door. Some pre-hung doors have a beveled edge on the left side so be sure to look for this.

Be sure to purchase a door that is the same size as the old door too and be sure to use the same size hinges for the door to open and close properly.

You can now remove the doorknob and lock hardware as well as the hinges and remove the old door from the frame.

Lie the old door on top of the new door and ensure the dimensions are in sync. Trace a pencil along the new door where there is excess. Cut the excess with an electric saw. Trace the locations of the door knob and hinges on the new door.

Use a chisel to outline the edges of the hinge location on the new door. Then make relief cuts a couple of centimeters apart and chisel out the wood for an indent that will accommodate the hinges.

Now hold the hinge in place and drill in the screws to fasten the hinge to the new slab door. Now drill the holes for the doorknob and the edge borehole for the locking mechanism and latch.

If needed, now is the time to paint the new door. Do not wait until after the new door is hung on the frame.

Now return to the door frame and attach the jam and strike plate for the new hardware. Now set the door in the hinges and insert the hinge pins. Test to see if the new door is opening and closing correctly.

There should be about a 1/8th inch clearance at the top of the door and along the side of the door. You only need 1/16th inch of space on the hinge side. If the door is too tight in the frame you should remove it and saw off a little more of the excess until the door fits properly in the frame.

Continue to saw excess and test the door until it fits perfectly. Then you can install the doorknob and hardware on the new door. Test the doorknob. If everything is correct you are finished.

Installing interior doors is a relatively simple home repair project that shouldn’t require more than a couple of hours to complete. If you are not comfortable using saws and some of the equipment necessary for this project, consider hiring a professional repair man near your home.

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